The One-eyed Leopard

 In Fauna

Came across this leopard with only one eye. Initially, I didn’t even notice it as he was functioning well and behaved naturally. It wasn’t until I was going through my images that I realized his eyes were different.

The thing that I have learned from nature is that nature seems to be contented with what they have rather than what they don’t have. Animals make use of what they have to live their lives in the best way they can. Man, on the other hand, seems to be more concerned about what they do not own. If we were to lose one eye, we would be more depressed with losing that one eye rather than being grateful that we still have the other one left.

In a way, we are always looking out far ahead to see what we can get and own. Driven by desires and comparisons, we tend to not notice what is right under one’s nose. Desire is always about something far away, never about something close.

I find it fascinating when one talks about god, about worship, temples and churches and about beliefs. People care so much about building up establishments and making it look good but what they miss is themselves. If you really think about it, there is only one temple that matters to you—that is your body. It is the temple that houses your being. Without it, nothing else matters. If you can’t be grateful for the first thing that “god” gives you, how can you be grateful for anything else? It is the only thing that you truly own in this life. Until the day when you can’t use it anymore, it continues to serve unconditionally so that you may fulfill what you need to fulfill. It allows you to experience everything life has to offer.

Yet, when you look around you, how many people truly care about taking care of their bodies? Despite the fact that everyone knows the most important thing is to be healthy, yet most people are out of shape. The reason why we follow good-looking fit dudes or gals in social media is that they are a rarity. The rest of us only dream of a body like that. Dreams are just that…dreams. Dreams, desires, they are nothing but a mirage. What you have right now is the reality. If you are going to do anything, the only way to do it is now. Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow becomes now when it arrives, it will always be now. You cannot really do anything tomorrow because tomorrow is an illusion.

I too have slipped and gotten out of shape due to everything that is happening in my life. The realization that the body is the most precious gift existence has given to me changes everything. I got tired of being lethargic and not being able to optimize my life energies so I changed my lifestyle. The decision to be more active and watch my nutrition has already transformed me. It is something that I have forgotten, like a long lost friend coming back to embrace me. The more you train, understand and take care of your body, the more you understand what gratitude is. To be grateful for just being alive and well is the most basic thing. When you are truly grateful, you will understand what “godliness” is and you will begin to see it all around you.

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