The Pearlscale Goldfish

 In Fauna

If I were to talk about the most fascinating thing about photography, it would be the ability to peer deeply into nature’s creation. It is like a never-ending adventure of enjoying the thrill and discovering details of things you have never seen before. Just by looking at the various breeds of goldfish out there can already be overwhelmingly astonishing. There are so many variation of colors and shapes just within a species, such as this Pearlscale Goldfish pictured here.

The world that is created is absolutely beautiful. The sad thing is that some people see the world as lifeless, or for a lack of a better word, ugly. The inability to see the beauty in the world is caused by a tainted vision. A vision dictated by the biases of the mind. The mind always see first before the heart. If the mind have no understanding of words, the world will be of a different view.

If there is a god, we could ask why he would have created such an ugly world. The thing is he did not create the ugly world that we know. We are the ones that created it. There are essentially two worlds. One that god created and the other that we create in our minds and project onto the world. If there is a word that can closely describe the nature of god, it must be love. If we are born out of love, there must be evidence as to why our world has turned out to be such a mess. How can something that is born of love create ugliness? Within that sentence is the answer itself. God loves us so much that he gives us freedom, the freedom to do what we may with the world that he created.

Love never judges. It accepts you for who you are, for good or bad. There are no guarantees that bad people will be punished, nor if good people gets rewarded. It is up to us to shape our version of the world base upon the majority of our consciousness or unconsciousness.

As much as we have the freedom to shape the world, there is still a piece of creation that we cannot create. That creative realm belongs to the original source of nature—it belongs to life. The ocean, the skies, the stars, the forest, the flowers, the birds, the animals…they are as raw as creation goes. That world is what we will see and appreciate when we drop the chatters of the mind. That world cannot be created by man. It is the closest to the truth of absolute beauty, and it is all around you.

The human species are also created out of this love. There is a reason why children are so adorable. They are still fresh from the original creative world and thus not tainted by the world of men. If we can cast our judgements aside, we can be the most beautiful species in the world. Know that we are favored, because no other life forms have that freedom to decide their own fate.

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