The Red White Ryukin Goldfish

 In Fauna

Once again mesmerized by the colors of nature, this time around from a Ryukin Goldfish. Without shadows, there can be no light to bring out the colors. It is the contrast between the two that brings out beauty.

In life, it is similar. Sometimes we wonder about all those dark moments that we experience. As much as we don’t like it to happen, all these dark moments form the basis for our meaning in life. From the darkness, it allows us to see light. It makes us who we are. All the highs and lows in our lives create the contrast that is needed to give us meaning.

The life-changing moments that I have experienced are usually based around my darkest moments. At times it can be so painful that it feels impossible to walk out of. Once I pulled through to the other side, that is when I experience the greatest transformation. The choices that I make might be painful but it is always for the better.

It is said that at the moment when you make a hard decision, it is always the best decision you can make based on your awareness at that time. You might regret the decision later but if unaware and given a second chance, you will still make the same decision again. Because of this, there isn’t any need to feel regretful. What matters is that one learns and grow from experiences so that as awareness grows, choices evolve. That is how one matures.

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