The Search for Wonderful Moments

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Life is really just a search for wonderful moments. Whatever things we are doing, we are hoping for something wonderful to come along. The only problem is that this wonderful thing is a preference of the mind, it is either something that is good or bad and these preferences are learned. To existence however, every experience that happens is neutral. Lose the judgement and everything becomes neutral. It is neither really good nor really bad, it just is. By accepting the just is, we can learn to accept and appreciate every single moment. As a result, every moment will simply be just wonderful by its own accord.

This macaw here, perched on the tree branch, maybe it doesn’t even know it is a bird with a name called macaw. It is something that we gave to it. It didn’t ask for all these amazing colors on its plumage. It just is. When the beautiful colors of the spectrum hits our retina, it becomes a miracle and we recognize it as something striking and beautiful. In that moment of appreciation, I realized that I am missing from the scene; there is only the scene and that spectacular display. It also happens during sunset and sunrise in front of a beautiful landscape. I realized that in the losing of the self, judgement stops and you get to see things in their intended way—simple and wonderful. The challenge is to continue to be in that state from moment to moment and all that you see will become what nature intended.

There comes a point when you have lived for a certain time and realized that most of the stuff in the world are meaningless. What happened in the past are just leftover residues. What you think is going to happen in the future is an illusion, they never seemed to happen exactly the way you visualized. All meaning that ever will be was given by yourself and it will mean nothing to others unless their lives are touched by your actions and what you believed in.

“Forever is composed of nows.”

Emily Dickinson

In the world of the floras and faunas, each and every one of them serves a purpose. They have a contribution to make and they have no doubts of their purpose and existence. Their existence might have no meaning to us because they most probably exists as a food source for another. In a way, their very temporary existence depends on each other for survival. Humans are the only species that are different, we are given the gift of free will; the freedom of choice that not only impact our own lives but the lives of others and even the fate of earth itself. Imagine that each individual has so much power in their own hands, what will happen to the world when there are currently 7.3 billion of us and the majority of us are unconscious in the choices we make? It does sometimes make me wonder that in the grand scheme of things, is the human race needed on the planet? On the one hand we are capable of so much love, on the other hand, so much destruction. In the beginning, the world was fine without us, so why are we here? If we are conscious of our presence, we will realize that our lives are a gift. Existence doesn’t owe us anything, we owe it to existence that we even get a chance to breathe, to see and to experience.

Life can be really simple—move from one wonderful moment to the next.

In gratitude for the life that you are, the only meaning you can have is to experience love, awe and joy in every divine moment that is blessed upon you. The meaning is not out there, the meaning is happening now within in whatever you choose to do or think. Each moment in life might not happen the way you wanted it to be but it doesn’t matter, you can always search for the most wonderful things in each moment. Life can be really simple—move from one wonderful moment to the next. The search for wonderful moments is within your control because it happens within you, everything else is secondary since there really isn’t any meaning other than the ones you make; if there is, you would have been handed the instructions accompanying your birth.

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