The White Peafowl

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When this rare white peafowl fan its tail, my heart stopped. It is just too beautiful. The thing is, not many people are attracted to the beauty of nature. Some didn’t even look when this magnificent peafowl fan its tail in front of them. The value of such beauty in nature is forgotten by the hearts of many. There can be people living their whole lives without ever noticing the sunset or sunrise. It is just something to be taken for granted because it is always there.

Growing up in a city, there are many things that compete for our attention. When we talk about beautiful, it usually refers to man-made stuff. We grew up admiring the rich with their beautiful cars, clothes, accessories and houses. Eventually the dollar becomes the most beautiful thing because with it we can acquire anything we deem beautiful. It becomes a desire, a desire for something we think is beautiful that we can measure against another. The irony is that true beauty is immeasurable. Beauty and love are alike, they cannot be measured nor even be described. It is something spontaneous. It is so spontaneous that it takes a person with a heart to see.

If you don’t love music, all you hear is noise.

When we don’t see the beauty in nature, it just means that we have forgotten how to love. Most people think that you love something or someone because they are beautiful. It is actually the other way round. It is because you love, that someone or something becomes beautiful.

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