The Yellow Rose

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The way we live is either for life or for death. How do we know the difference?

The two main governing emotions in life is love and fear. Most of the things we do is basically out of love or out of fear. All fear, no matter how big or small, eventually lead to the fear of death. Ironically, fearing death also means fearing life because life and death are the same. Without life there can be no death, without death there can be no life. If one becomes so afraid of death, one cannot truly lives because then everything he do is a risk. A fearful life becomes about death, about delaying the inevitable.

Love on the other hand is about life. Where there is love, there can be no fear. Personally I feel that love cannot be defined. It is an act of living through the experience than trying to define and thinking about it. However I came across a definition that I find interesting, it says “love is about how sensitive you are towards beauty.” How sensitive are you to the sunrises and sunsets each day? What about the flowers that blooms all around you? Or maybe the birds that are chirping among the trees? Do you see them? Do you feel anything about them, about the mysteries of life?

A fearful person cannot see past his mind. He thinks about ambitions, desires, competition and survival. He is too busy for life. Even when the body isn’t doing anything much, his mind is racing everywhere but here. Here is where the magic happens and yet he is looking everywhere else.

Ambition is just simply not accepting the reality here but wishing for that something tomorrow. The sad fact is tomorrow never comes, everything happens today.

Every moment that you can do something about is this moment.

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