Tokyo Disneyland 35th Anniversary

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Just came back from a one week trip to Tokyo. It is so cool that every time I visit Tokyo Disneyland, it happens to be an anniversary celebration. This year’s theme song was pretty memorable. What is more memorable though is the smiles and laughter from my child and nephew.

I do not claim to know what life is all about.

What I do know is that if you cannot see the wonder from a child’s eyes, or the beauty of life surrounding you with the flowers, trees and birds, or even the dazzling light performance in a theme park, life loses it’s meaning. The meaning in life is directly proportionate to the amount of wonder you have in you.

A robot can function in society and fulfill what is required of it. The main difference is that it is soulless. It doesn’t know love nor appreciation. It is a miracle that we can feel and be sensitive to all that is around us. The minute we lose this wonder, life become soulless and with it all meaning is lost.

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