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“Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.”

John Bradshaw

If we can only live in the moment, every places we visit will fill us with wonders. It is like how a child see the world for the first time, without any judgement or knowledge, just pure curiosity and excitement. Maybe this is the reason I love to travel to new places, I want to feel like a child again. I want to see the world with fresh eyes and realize how beautiful it can all be. Sometimes I don’t even research my travel destination, it is nice to be adventurous once in a while and visit new places without any expectation; part of the fun is not knowing what to expect. This tower is one of those places that filled me with surprises and beautiful memories.

The Tsutenkaku Tower meaning “Tower Reaching Heaven” is a famous landmark of Osaka and has a height of 103 meters. The observation deck on the fifth floor houses the Billiken, the God of Happiness or “The God of Things As They Ought to Be.” It is said that dreams can come true by rubbing the soles of his feet.

Along the way I have also noticed that there are posters and a statue of the Kinniku-man (“Ultimate Muscle Man”) which was a manga character created by two Osaka locals who used to live near the tower and thus it became the mascot of the tower. I thought it was pretty cool and unique as this kind of culture and appreciation for comic art can only be found in Japan.

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