Trevi Fountain Replica Lotte World Korea

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I wasn’t expecting to see a replica of the Trevi Fountain when I was visiting Korea. My jaw dropped when I saw this familiar sight. It is not that I am in awe or something, it was more of a mixed feeling. I have been to the original Trevi Fountain in Rome twice. It was there that the magic of photography happened to me. Needless to say, the fountain plays a special role in my heart.

Seeing this replica was a shock to me. Don’t get me wrong, it is actually very well-built. So well-built that you can’t tell the difference between this and the original one at first glance. The original one is made with real windows, real elements and is sculpted by several masters. The poses of the figures are slightly different. In my opinion, these slight differences makes all the difference. It didn’t inspire me as much as the authentic fountain did but it still serves as a great memory to the magic of Rome.

When things are copied and rebuilt, the best I could say is that they are like a shadow of their former glory. The essence of the original is missing. I wonder why it is imitated in the first place. Could something different, better or at least authentic be built in its place and make a greater impression? Still I can’t deny that it is beautiful, for something that is copied.

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