Under the Bridge in Sumida Park Tokyo

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This frame was taken at Sumida Park in Tokyo. I do miss the cool climate from Japan sometimes, especially when accompanied by the cherry blossom season.

I used to say how I wish that Singapore could have a colder season like Japan. It is like all year summer here. There are so many nice places to hangout if only the weather is cooler. It would also be nice to wear jacket and hoodie once in a while. So recently my wish came true, but this climate change is not necessarily a good thing. The temperature in Singapore dropped to 21 deg C for the last couple of days. I was at the beach and I actually felt cold for the first time in Singapore due to the chill from the sea breeze.

This climate change of prolonged dry spell, flash flood and intense rainfall are not normal. The sea level have also been rising in recent years. If this continues, I am sure we would have to face the consequences soon.

All these are the results of global warming, caused by human-induced warming of the Earth, due to deforestation and the excessive consumption of resources that result in the production of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

It is so much easier to pull down a tree than to grow one for years. It is more fun to consume than to produce. Destroying is easier than creating.

This imbalance will one day be the end of us.

We think about our house, our apartment, our mansion. Why don’t we think about our mother earth which encompasses all of our dwellings? The only difference I can think of is a sense of belonging. You think the house belongs to you but the earth is not. It is someone’s else responsibility. If everyone thinks that way, who is going to care for the Earth?

We are not all-powerful and influential people. We might not have the strength to make a change in the conditions of the world. But there is one thing we can do, we can change ourselves.

Just a simple shift in consciousness, respect nature a little and we might just see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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