Whispers of the Red Amaryllis Lily Flower

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Every living and breathing lifeform on earth goes through the circle of life. We all go through the various stages of life from conception, birth, infancy, juvenile, adulthood, elderhood and finally death. We are not all that different when compared to a flower.

Externally everything changes. Internally, something remains the same, unmoving and unchanged. The flower looks so different in each stage of its growth cycle. It is unimaginable that something as small as a seed can sprout such beautiful colors and fragrance. Even as it withers and falls, its uniqueness and essence remain. The withered flower is as much itself as when it was a seed.

Similarly, our body goes through so many changes every minute. We were once a baby and now that body is nowhere to be found. One day our body would also shrink as we age. Throughout the years, one could say that we wear so many skins that we can’t even recognize ourselves from the outside. Even when everything changes on the outside, deep inside nothing is changed. You, the entity, remain the same whether you were a child, a teenager, an adult or even when you are old.

If you are sensitive enough, you will realize that throughout all these years, you are still you.

Underneath all those chaos of thoughts, connecting with that unchanged part of you is what this whole journey is all about.

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