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Nothing beats waking up early in the morning to take a stroll in the park with your loved ones or just by being simply alone. When most of the world is asleep, there is a certain calmness and stillness to an otherwise crowded place.

This is the time where inspirations come and when dreams are made. It is the time where creativity is at its best. It is easy to be drowned by the voices of others and thus a quiet place and a quiet time are sacred to the individual. It is sacred to just be alone with your being, your spirit, and hear what others cannot hear but only you can.

This is the Swan Lake of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. A place of serenity amidst the busy and bustling city.

Taking a stroll along the lake with my beloved wife as I catch the sunrise. There is no other greater contentment than being in the moment.

Why is there a need for the flowering of one’s consciousness? What would the world be like if the current 7.2 billion population are all awakened, realized and fully conscious? I believe that it would result in a perfect society, a perfect world, a paradise on earth.

“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.”

Erich Fromm

It is important to understand the reason we are trying to raise our consciousness level if we are to live a life of purpose and awareness. The road to awakening is a tough journey and without a greater purpose, it is very easy to fall back to an unconscious state. As the saying from Zig Ziglar goes, people often say personal development do not last, neither is bathing, that’s why it is recommended to do it daily.

One of the things I kept hearing is the hope of achieving world peace, without the awakening of the individual, it is impossible to achieve that. How can the world be peaceful if the individual is not at peace with himself? There are very few people who can achieve inner peace in the current conditions of society, especially if one lives in a city where the costs of living are increasing so fast that survival is all anyone can think of.

The path to a perfect society has to start with each individual because there is no way we can control another human being. It is not natural to control another. Try to control any beings of nature and see what it brings. Evidence has proved that it is of no use to control another by a governing body with the use of threat and fear, it will almost result in retaliation all the time. The only thing we really have is free will, take that away and we become just an extra mass that is just taking up space in the world. The only path we have is to seek deep within ourselves and look at what life is and what it really means to us. Being able to understand the nature of our existence, who we are at the core of our being, will naturally lead us to the truth. When we flower from that truth, peace will naturally blossom and only then will the world have a chance of being a heaven on earth.

So what does a perfect world looks like?

One of the first realizations in the preparation of a perfect world is that ultimately we will all end up in the same place which is death. It is just a matter of time. If there is a source from where we all come from, we will naturally return back to our source when our time in this world is done. An apple tree must produce apples, seeds from a watermelon must produce trees like it, thus we must be like that which we came from. If we all come from a single source, we must all belong to the same universal consciousness. We refer to that as the one consciousness.

In the face of death, all ego ceases to function. By realizing this when we are alive, we can make better use of our lives than mindlessly pretending that the inevitable will not come. The understanding of one consciousness will prove that we are actually the same rather than believing that we are divided.

If at the core of our beings, we are all one then there is no need for the division of humanity. There is no need for imaginary lines to draw between countries, races, and sex. We are all brothers and sisters. We share one same planet. Birds and other species have no need for customs, they roam as they please, so why should human beings not be the same? There would be freedom for all. We will learn the proper respect for all people because we understand that hurting another is hurting ourselves.

A vision of a cherished life in a perfect playground is what life is meant to be.

There is a saying that at the end of the day, the one with the most experiences wins. I couldn’t agree more. Life is ultimately just about experiences. Imagine a world where it is easy and free to experience. Sadly it is impossible at this point for this to happen because most of humanity is still divided. Divided not by people but by the mind and the accompanying ego that believes in separation. There is enough food for all and an abundance of supply for our well-being but because of this separation, the balance is lost. Supposing if the balance is restored, survival becomes a thing of the past. What will happen next is the self-actualization phase of the individual. We will start doing the things that we are meant to do, that we have come to this world to do. A painter will paint, a writer will write, a filmmaker will create stories, and an accountant will count. The main difference is that all these people will do it willingly because it is all they wanted to do not because they have to.

Since every individual is different, a personal awakening will lead one to complete his or her own purpose and attract to them the various kind of work they are naturally drawn to. In this way, the whole of humanity will benefit from every true seed that is planted by our creation. As of current, many will leave this world carrying the song they have come to sing within them. Whatever song it is that you have come to sing will be lost for eternity because there will never be another one like you in the whole of existence. The worst thing that can happen is to die with regrets and it will be a loss to humanity that you do not realize your visions.

It is said by one of the mystics in our time that this utopia or paradise will not happen in the next couple of generations. It took centuries to create the state of unbalance and turmoil we are now in, it will take more to unlearn, restore the balance and abolish the system. Although we might not live to see this paradise, every single step taken by the highly conscious beings and teachers of our time should be highly valued for the good of our future generations.

A vision of a cherished life in a perfect playground is what life is meant to be.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

It will begin in the realization of every single person on the planet from the journey within.

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